Unlike the same white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose high tops are dirty and unique

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In winter and spring, a pair of Golden Goose's small dirty shoes is definitely the most indispensable item in the style. Unlike the same white shoes, each pair of Golden Goose high tops are dirty and unique, and there is a high-level atmosphere of “no trimming”.

Golden Goose's full name is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (abbreviation: GGDB), which was established in 2000. The brand designers are Francesca and Alessandro Gallo. Although they are not born in the class, they are betting on the brand and the passion of art. Every pair of worn-out shoes is hand-waxed and washed, so the shoes are absolutely unique, full of vintage and comfortable to wear.

The most important thing is that all the shoes are self-contained with hidden 3CM height, which can not be seen from the outside, and the slender shoes perfectly embellish the feet. The high-grade soft cowhide is hand-made with Italian craftsmen.

After it has swept the world, domestic stars have also started to go, you can always find Golden Goose midstar sneakers in their street shooting.

The most surprising thing is that the brand's “thickening” upgrade for classic shoes is definitely a short gospel. It is still hand-polished and naturally worn. Adding spray paint and graffiti elements adds a touch of street to the classic superstar shoes. breath.

It is obvious that the overall shoe adds more crystal glitter elements to the details. Especially the star logo of the brand logo is more eye-catching, and the punk rock is full of flavor.

The leopard element is a must-have GET this year. Whether it is a large-sized shoe body or a part of the details, the addition of leopard prints enhances the overall winter look. Wear it with a black leather coat or a woolen coat to instantly enhance your fashion.

Large-scale painting and street art graffiti make this Italian high-small dirty shoe have more street definitions. Slim straight pants or pure black cropped trousers can make graffiti shoes more colorful. More importantly, "Refused to hit the shoes."

This is the brand's highest awareness and the most classic pair of shoes can be said to be the international superstar to the grassroots bloggers, all the necessary shoes.

The white Golden Goose leopard sneakers body is matched with different colors of the missing star LOGO, which is simple and easy to match. Compared with other brands of shoes, it is more slender, and the inner terry material can absorb sweat at all times and keep the feet dry. The increased blessing of 3CM makes it a street-shooting artifact.

Golden Goose is especially suitable for wearing slim jeans or cropped trousers because of its slender shape. It is absolutely recommended for wearing beautiful ankles. It can also be worn with high-top socks in autumn and winter. European and American styles and small fragrances are more suitable. It is a taboo to pay attention to the sports pants that are too hip-hop to cover the upper. Of course, the nine-point wide-leg pants are very fashionable.

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