Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Releases 19th Anniversary Special Edition Golden Goose Supertar

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Regarding the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, there is a saying that when one day, you want to join the party, participate in Fashion Week or date with a beloved girl, when you don’t know what shoes to wear, a pair of Golden Goose Francy Sneakers is right!

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, a magical brand, has been in the trend for many years. Trends, basketball, rock, street, fashion, are hidden in the long history pocket of Golden Goose. Unlike its long and heavy history, Golden Goose brings people It is always the incitement of youth.

Golden Goose Supertar is the most classic shoe type, and it has been sold to more than one billion incredible astronomical figures. Although the shoe shape seems simple, from the line to the star logo, every detail and design is a classic classic. Old and dirty effects represent an attitude, a culture.

Therefore, Golden Goose Supertar glitter is still active in the fashion circle, and with the popularity of tooling in recent years, Golden Goose Supertar is once again in the eyes of the public, more and more people are beginning to understand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, understand 2.12 ,Ball Star,California,Francy,Haus,Hi Star,HIGH END,May Sneakers Golden Goose,Mid Star,OLD SCHOOL,RUNNING,Slide,Smash,STARDAN,Starland,Starter,Superstar,Tennis,Tenthstar,V-Star, etc., then, Do you really know Golden Goose, what is the branch line? Come and learn the doorway inside.

Before starting this article, clarify a concept. On the back side of each pair of Golden Goose Sneakers, there is a missing star, different series of "Ball Star, California, Francy, Haus, Hi Star, HIGH END, May, Mid. Star, OLD SCHOOL, RUNNING, Slide, Smash, STARDAN, Starland, Starter, Superstar" In fact, "Ball Star" and "Superstar" are subordinate to Golden Goose's most famous spur line, making this branch starry and eternal. However, the classics of the time. Today, we will introduce the most popular Golden Goose high tide shoes with the most popular canvas shoes under the Superstar line.

Since its inception in 2000, Golden Goose has been engraved with the aura of "Superstar" and added the signature of Superstar to the logo of Golden Goose. On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of this classic shoe, let us relive the classic and decode youth.

As we all know, Golden Goose has a lot of high-end spurs. Under the seemingly simple and ordinary appearance of Superstar, it is all fine workmanship, superior materials, plus expensive prices, and European Superstar is undoubtedly the most authentic Golden Goose shoes. With the most youthful look, the most original style, such a pair of Golden Goose Sneakers Australia MADE IN Europe can satisfy all the imagination of a passionate shoe lovers.

On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand series, in order to celebrate this historic moment, based on the Superstar All Star, Golden Goose Japan released a special edition of the 19th anniversary, the finest canvas from the Japanese old-fashioned textile brand, authentic Restored tongue, heel, midsole and other details, is also the world's closest European-made Golden Goose shoes.

Friends who know Golden Goose Deluxe Brand should also see this brand on many magazine websites, as the high-end spurs launched by Golden Goose to commemorate the 19th anniversary. The series is limited to Japan, with special shoe boxes, only in Japan. Limited sales, has always been the fashion ICON competing shoes.

The outsole is made of a non-slip rubber sole. Golden Goose's canvas shoes have always used the vibram sole. The shoes are lined with NASA technology's Outlast® temperature-regulating fabric and the midsole is equipped with a removable PORON® polyester cushioning. Module. There is a classic retro look, plus a soft and elastic comfortable wear, how can you not be addicted.

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