Golden Goose has a range of sneakers

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Golden Goose will open a training school for handmade sneakers this year. This is the CEO who announced last year that Silvio Kampala, the Venetian company, was controlled by the Carlyle Group and spoke at the Fashion Golden Goose hi star and Luxury Summit held by Pambianco and Deutsche Bank. “We are closely related to our territory, Riviera del Brenta and the expertise of our craftsmen. We have to go back and provide value for the sneaker industry, with the intention of creating “the world's leading sports shoe development and manufacturing center.” Campara said, the training center Marghera, located in the heart of Venice. The solution designed for the sports shoe industry With its innovative technology, Lectra introduces the digital value chain into the cutting room, offering a range of innovative solutions for sports shoe manufacturers.

Making the world's latest Golden Goose midstar shoes has always been the pride of American footwear workers, but these manufacturing jobs have been transferred to Europe long ago. The school will support the company's continued growth. Founded 18 years ago by Alessandro Gallo and Francis Rinaldo and one of the former presidents of Gucci, one of Patricio Di Marco (see 9 MFF on the 26th of the month: The turnover at the end of this year will reach about 180 million euros, and the EBIT margin will exceed 32%. According to Campara, success is based on customer loyalty to products that have become cults. “If a customer buys an average of 1.6 items, then you can use Golden Goose to reach 4, and then obviously we are no longer on the fashion track, but an idol. Therefore, the margin of growth is exponential.”

Golden Goose intends to intercept them by focusing on core business or being interpreted as high-end Golden Goose boots of Venetian craftsman excellence. “The product is successful because it embodies the idea of ​​perfection and imperfection. We try to convey to the end customer the original emotions that appear in the creation, and through the craftsman's production. Consumers almost feel “feelings” about the goods they buy. Therefore, the ambition of growth will not be achieved through brand extension, but gain more market share in a market segment, while sneakers are still dynamic. “The dictatorship of sneakers has been created because people need comfort . People think it won't last long, but the answer is that we have grown 40% annually over the past five years," Campara concluded.

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