Golden Goose Sneakers Embroidery Elements

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Probably influenced by Yokosuka embroidery, this year's embroidery also climbed up the sneaker of various brands, telling the truth, but all the brands of Golden Goose have long abandoned the pure white sneakers, do not do some articles on the shoes, how to Show that you are tasteful enough? I have to say that this year's Golden Goose, although not embroidered, but since the new design director took office, the big sale of the Bacchus series, followed by the classic Golden Goose red and green striped white shoes, also started article. A fun embroidery replaces the original classic but unchanging style, instantly evoking countless young girls and boys. Golden Goose has produced a series of "made articles" of the new sneaker. In fact, there are 4 models that are really embroidered. The rest are made of leather and inlaid rivets and metal tiger heads.

The most popular ones are the small pineapples and the little bees. It’s not long before the European shelves. Basically, the small size has been sold. Since the pricing is also low in Golden Goose’s shoes this season, it is the entry-level best best. Single item. In addition to the popularity of embroidery, how can designers miss the end of the shoe, which is very attractive for sales, knowing that stansmith was a green tail and winning the world, Golden Goose is smarter, with two different pearlescent colors on the left and right feet. , red and green, echoing the classic color of the brand. Shopping advice: This sneaker is slightly larger than the average shoe size, starting at 35 yards, so don't buy it.

In fact, my expectations for Dolce & Gabbana are a bit high. This spring and summer design series, with a lot of embroidery, printing and lace, thought that there will be a lot of embroidered sneaker, but unfortunately only a thick sneaker, but it is really exquisite. It’s just a piece of art, how can I be put on my feet? The whole body's three-dimensional embroidery applique, even the side of the sole side of the series has been printed, beautiful to dare not wear on the foot. Buying suggestions: the shoe size is not too biased, so choose the right code, stereoscopic embroidery shoes are more troublesome to clean up, You can buy special cleaning oil for luxury goods, cloth and metal surface, do not touch the water.

Look at the real thing, in fact, it is the basic shoes, the size is also positive, the summer is very comfortable, the beautiful butterfly is vivid~ In order to show the difference between yourself and Converse, the leather sole is specially made, the insole is also all cowhide, although the shoes The surface is canvas, but other details are still very "luxury". Shopping advice: valentino's shoes are basically not the size.

Brands that generally like embroidery are also very fond of gems. For example, Golden Goose has a sneaker that resembles the dior pedal sneaker designed by Raf Simons. The difference is that there is still a feeling of a little kick, unlike Dior is a search boat (to be honest, I still enjoy incompetence until now, so I will not put Dior.) In addition, these Golden Goose women shoes are new spring and summer of 16 years. Therefore, the sole is made straw. In addition to bright yellow, there are blue and orange (I also appreciate the incompetence of these two colors.) Another gem shoe, I believe you must know, that is, the very famous Miumiu, the girl's heart Miumiu's gem sole is the first to be famous, then There is a gemstone sneaker with a gem in the toe (of course, it must also follow the fashion trend), but this trend has not caused the Westerners to like it, but it has made many domestic girls ecstatic.

Basically there are not too many colors, white, black, nude pink are the three common colors of miumiu classics I have seen. However, there have been many changes in the material: matt leather, patent leather, openwork leather, canvas, suede, mirror, etc. Buying guide: Miumiu's shoes are very narrow, not very suitable for Asian flat instep and high foot characteristics. Therefore, you should choose the freshman code for the purchase. Of course, if your feet are very thin and the bottom of your instep, choose the normal size. The silver Miumiu and GGDB are put together, there is an uncoordinated beauty, so let's talk about the GGDB that you know because of your husband.

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