Golden Goose sneakers wearing method

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Golden Goose shoes always make people crazy, buy a pair of pairs, so people's pursuit of fashion shoes will never stop. In our daily collocation, the shoes should change with the change of the clothing, with their daily shape, become the focus of each scene, but how should fashionable clothes be paired with a pair of Golden Goose shoes? Today, I will teach you how to wear Golden Goose shoes!

Street shooting for so long, see the tide shoes of various brands, but Golden Goose Superstar is always the most popular one!

Golden Goose Sneakers Topic, heat, continues to this day, Golden Goose Superstar is always the first rush of all kinds of hipsters!

Uncle took 10 people wearing Golden Goose Superstar on the streets of Sanlitun to see how they fit together!

Miss sister denim skirt with this shoes, is also a little sexy and handsome! Outstanding foot effect, this shoe has a lot of interesting news. Match the fire stockings to the side of the sweatpants, and then match the yellow and black checkerboard short sleeves, cool!

Classic white and black color, traditional color matching, white short sleeves and black tights can also be considered in response to Golden Goose shoes color matching.

Golden Goose Superstar is loved by the hipsters with its simple black and grey versatile. Couples wear low-key and super-family!

Golden Goose Superstar with a pair of leggings, a steady white and black tone, and a patent leather texture that enhances the texture.


Men's Golden Goose Superstar is the most eye-catching match with the flower shirt!

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